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HYZ4 oxygen respirator


HYZ4 (C) isolation type positive pressure oxygen respirator (hereinafter referred to as the respirator) is based on carbon fiber cylinder bearing compressed oxygen gas source of the closed loop breathing and protection device for the human body, can give the operator of the wear for more than 4 hours of inner loop oxygen supply, can complete isolation outside ambient air, absolute respiratory protection effect. This product fully absorbs the domestic and foreign similar products of advanced characteristics, the main highlight on the design features are: compact structure, wearing comfortable, small size, large gas storehouse, light weight, easy tear open outfit, easy to use and so on. And the application of advanced production technology and management mode, to ensure that the product's aesthetics and durability.

The main purpose

This product within the loop oxygen to ensure workers enter the harmful environmental area clean gas and face protection.

Applicable scope

Product main application range: disaster relief, disaster processing, mining, tunnel and sanitation, chemical plants, as well as in reconnaissance work wear.

Product parameters

Main technical parameters:

 Category Instructions
 Rated protective time (medium)≥4h
 Oxygen rated working pressure20MPa
 Oxygen tank internal water volume2.4L
 Gas volume of oxygen under standard conditions480L
 Filling calcium hydroxide2.2Kg
 Overall dimensions600mm×400mm×180mm
 Respirator net weight12.4 Kg (do not contain calcium hydroxide, not filling oxygen)

Main performance:

 Category Instructions
Expiratory resistance≤600Pa
Inspiratory resistance0~500Pa
Quantitative oxygen≥1.4L/min
 Automatic supply oxygen≥80L/min
 Manual supply oxygen≥80L/min
 Automatic supply opening pressure(50~250)Pa
 Breathe in carbon dioxide concentration≤1%
 Breathe in the oxygen concentration≥21%
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