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Mobile air respirator (four bottles, two bottles)


The main purpose

Mobile long tube type positive pressure air breathing apparatus is a kind of safe and reliable, convenient in operation and maintenance, respiratory protection devices that can be used to work long hours, this type of breathing device can work in any replacement cylinders without affecting its use and can work continuously. Due to the breathing device has the advantages of compact structure, the use of simple operation, push structure (car) to life, the operator can be their own need not carry back, cylinders and other heavy goods. Has the characteristics of lightweight, easy operation, it is particularly suited to the occasion of narrow work, such as inside a tank or in the engine room have smoke and harmful gas or oxygen for a long time of maintenance, inspection, cleaning and painting work and smelting, general and commonly used in petrochemical industry, aerospace industry, underground mining, nuclear plants ?

Applicable scope

Product parameters
 Category Instructions
 Cylinder materialCarbon fiber composite cylinder
 Gas cylinders work pressure (Mpa)30
 Cylinder volume (L)6.8
 Cylinders are equipped with number (a)4/2
 Relief valve opening pressure (Mpa)1.1-1.5
 Maximum throughput (L/min)500
 TypePositive pressure type
 Extension distance (m)0-100
                                      Inhalation resistance                                                     ≤500Pa
                                    Exhalation resistance                                                     ≤1000Pa
                                    Alarm pressure                                                5.5MPa±0.5MPa
                                  Alarm sound level
                                                  ≥ 90dB(A)